Digital Citizenship- Responsible Online Posts

Digital citizenship is an important topic to learn about in today’s digital world. One component of digital citizenship is responsible online sharing. Below are a few questions for students to ask before they share online. A PDF version is available as well.


Before You Post…

Think it Over!

By: Michelle Reiser


You just posted a picture of yourself online and are having regrets. All that is running through your head is, “What will my Grandma think?!?” You quickly delete the picture and hope no one viewed or re-posted it.

But did you know that with every click or share online you are creating your digital footprint? Your digital footprint contains the information you share online and what websites you visit. Even information you may have deleted can be part of your digital footprint, and has the potential to be retrieved again.

In order to avoid those after-post regrets, ask yourself a few questions about what you are sharing before you add to your digital footprint.

  • What are my privacy settings? Will strangers be able to access my posts and personal information?
  • How much personal information am I sharing with strangers, and do I want them to know where I am by tagging my location?
  • This post may be seen by my current and future friends, employers, and family. Is this how I want them to see me?
  • Do I have permission to post someone else’s picture or information?
  • Is what I am about to post based on fact?
  • Is this post based on kindness and respect for everyone?


What do you teach your students about responsible online posting and sharing? Please comment below!